Braille Alphabet Worksheets for Kids


Printable Activities for Kids. Braille Alphabet Worksheets.

All our Braille activity worksheets come with answer sheets. These worksheets are in PDF format.

Download and print them below and practise your skills with these Braille worksheet printables.


They are free to download and use. Use these at home or in your classroom. Share it amongst your students or school mates.

Worksheets come in various themes and will print perfectly on an A4 size paper. Have your printer ready!

New worksheets are added frequently so please check often.

Printable Braille Activity Worksheets for Kids

Write your name in Braille Alphabet

Try your skill in writing your name in Braille Alphabet. Download the PDf worksheet below. Instructions are provided on how to get the answer. Tip! Study the Braille Flashcards first

Download this braille worksheet

Braille activity worksheets by theme with answer sheets.

Write the words correctly in Braille Alphabet. 

In the Kitchen words. Download this braille workseet

( Assorted kitchen related words which you must write in Braille )

On the Farm words.  Download this braille workseet

( Assorted farm animals & related words which you must write in Braille )

Family Vacation words. Download this braille workseet

( Assorted words for a typical family vacation which you must write in Braille )

Animals at the Zoo.  Download this braille workseet

Write down the Names of Animals which you usually see at the Zoo in Braille Alphabet.

Each worksheet comes with answer sheets on page 2 of the PDF.



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